honor society short film written and directed by tiffany ann laufer


©2014 Tiffany Ann Laufer

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William C. Laufer, Alex Johnson, Elex Cooper, Adam White, Tara Stallion, Tia Workman

Tara Stallion prepares for a take. Veronica Stack, clapper loader.

Kara Martinelli White, Adam White, Naomi Hollander

Clip from the film: Emily and Constance discuss the summer ahead

behind the scenes

La Belle Mer and Laufer Film present the short film Honor Society, a film by Tiffany Ann Laufer starring Tia Workman, Tara Stallion, Alex Johnson, Lisa Wong, Brendan Hancock.  Written, directed, co-produced by Tiffany Ann Laufer, Naomi Hollander, William C. Laufer.  Cinematography by Adam White, edited by Tiffany Ann Laufer, special effects by Alexander Riveria and Render Ranch.  Original Song by Monk Turner + Fascinoma, Alanna Lin vocals. Court Métrage short film corner Festival de Cannes 2013

© 2013 Laufer Film  www.honorsocietyfilm.com

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